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DungeonQuest (Revised Edition)

Märke: Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight Games
Artikelnummer: FDQ01
Tillgänglighet: TILLFÄLLIGT SLUT
499 kr
Exkl moms: 399 kr
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DungeonQuest Revised Edition is a fast-paced game of dungeon exploration and looting for one to four players. You take on the role of a hero who sets out to explore Dragonfire Dungeon and claim more treasure than your rivals. Along the way, you'll need to evade traps, battle monsters, and find your way through the labyrinthian dungeon, all while trying to avoid waking the dragon who sleeps atop the treasure heap at the dungeon's heart. The player who gathers the most loot – and makes it out of the dungeon alive — is victorious!

This new edition of DungeonQuest features a streamlined combat system that harkens back to the classic editions of the game, and a deadlier dungeon than ever before. The "Torchlight" variant offers you a new way to explore the dungeon's depths, while building an even more complex and sprawling dungeon throughout the game.



Antal spelare: 1-4

Bäst med: 4 spelare

Speltid: 60 min        

Ålder: 14

Utgivningsår: 2014

Regler på: Engelska

Regelhäfte (PDF) här!



Dungeonquest Revised Sida

Fantasy Flight Games Hemsida




1 Learn to Play Booklet

1 Rules Reference

1 Game Board

6 Hero Figures

6 Hero Sheets

50 Dungeon Cards

8 Dragon Cards

32 Treasure Cards

15 Trap Cards

15 Door Cards

15 Corpse Cards

15 Crypt Cards

30 Search Cards

12 Rune Cards

49 Catacomb Cards

6 Combat Cards

117 Chamber Tiles

1 Sun Token

10 Catacomb Entrance Markers

6 Travel Markers

39 Wound Tokens

65 Determination/Search Tokens

10 Monster Tokens

4 Six-sided Dice


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