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Märke: Asmodee
Artikelnummer: FKN27
Tillgänglighet: TILLFÄLLIGT SLUT
499 kr
Exkl moms: 399 kr
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Ra is an auction and set-collection game with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Each turn players are able to purchase lots of tiles with their bidding tiles (suns). Once a player has used up his or her suns, the other players continue until they do likewise, which may set up a situation with a single uncontested player bidding on tiles before the end of the round occurs. Tension builds because the round may end before all players have had a chance to win their three lots for the epoch. The various tiles either give immediate points, prevent negative points for not having certain types at the end of the round (epoch), or give points after the final round. The game lasts for three "epochs" (rounds). The game offers a short learning curve, and experienced players find it both fast-moving and a quick play.



Antal spelare: 2-5

Speltid: 45-60 min    

Ålder: 12

Utgivningsår: 1999

Regler på: Engelska

Regelhäfte (PDF) här!



Ra Sida

Asmodee Hemsida






Game Board

5 Scoring Reference Sheets

Cloth Bag

Ra Statue

180 Tiles

16 Sun Disks

54 Tablets

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