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Mars Attacks Dice Game

Märke: Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games
Artikelnummer: SJG131335
Tillgänglighet: TILLFÄLLIGT SLUT
179 kr
Exkl moms: 143 kr
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In Mars Attacks: The Dice Game, the Martian players compete to see who can subjugate which U.S. cities first.


At the start of the game, four stacks of cards are dealt out randomly, with each stack having as many cards as players. On a turn, the player first declares which city he wants to attack, then rolls all ten dice. Any dice showing the "nuke" symbol are locked and cannot be rerolled. Laser guns are similarly locked, allowing the player to reroll only the alien heads. If he rerolls and ever has as many nuke symbols showing as the number on the face-up cards and the supplementary token, his turn ends; otherwise he can stop at any time, and if he doesn't have enough guns or alien heads to claim his target, he marks his total with one of his tokens, allowing him to add on to this number on a future turn — assuming that someone else doesn't claim the card first.


Some city cards have special powers, such as Seattle's, which allows you to place one die on the symbol of your choice prior to rolling. Las Vegas, true to its nature, wants you to go bust multiple times in order to claim the card. Whoever ends up decimating the largest portion of the earth wins.



Antal spelare: 3-6

Bäst med: 4, 5, 6 spelare

Speltid: 20 min    

Ålder: 10

Utgivningsår: 2014

Regler på: Engelska

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Mars Attacks Dice Game Sida

Steve Jackson Games Hemsida




10 dice

24 Martian tokens

1 player token

24 cards




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